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Creating Christ-Centered Goals

301: live it out practical tips wisdom Dec 31, 2022

I previously wrote an article about why I’ve shifted to fewer goals for the year and more prayers instead. It includes the 3 reasons for my shift and a few sample prayer points based on your goals.

While I wrote that article, I still want to affirm that there’s nothing wrong with creating goals or having a vision for your life - PLEASE do, sis! 

While my focus is on my prayers, I still have goals that those prayers are centered around. However, these goals are based on intentional time with God, discernment of the season I’m in, and what He desires from my life. 



With that being said, here are the 5 things I take into consideration when planning my Christ-centered goals for each month, quarter, or year (it honestly varies). These tips are included in your FREE 22-page guide for planning your year with God!


Tips for Planning Your Christ-Centered Goals


1. Ask yourself, “Why does this matter to me?”

  • When you get down to the root of your goal, does it matter to you because it satisfies your earthly desires or will it ultimately give glory to God? 
  • This will help you understand your underlying motives and shift as needed.

2. Allow room for Holy Spirit

  • Make sure you have a healthy detachment from your goals.
  • Be passionate? Yes. Be so attached that you end up “quenching the Spirit?” No.
  • Let Holy Spirit do His job and show you the Will of the Father for your desires (1 Thessalonians 5:19).

3. Slow Down and Be Practical

  • This is a big one!! Make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew and end up suffering for it.
  • Allow God to stretch us? Yes. Skipping from A to Z? No. 
  • There are lessons, people, and revelations from God that you may miss if you don’t go through steps B through Y! Our life is but a vapor but our process is our own. Move accordingly. 

4. Pray

  • This is THE BIG ONE! We can’t have Christ-centered goals without Christ, right? 
  • Pray about your goals and if it isn’t aligned with God’s plan, be open to God + Holy Spirit moving you in the right direction

5. Keep them visible

  • Keep your goals in front of your face so you don’t forget them! 
  • Whether screen savers on your computer, sticky notes in your car, or sitting on your fridge keep them right where you can see them and pray on them each day. 

Whether you focus on creating your prayers and goals for each month, quarter, or year, I pray you always keep God at the center of them! 


If you’re looking for more assistance to reflect, align your heart with God, and develop clear prayers and goals for your new season, “A Christian Woman’s Guide for the New Year” is for you! 


This FREE 22-page guide provides prompts, scriptures, prayers, and guidance to plan your month, quarter, or year with God. Click the image below to get your today! Love ya lots 💕

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