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Why Do We Have The Bible?

101: the basics scripture spiritual foundations Dec 04, 2022

When I was in college, I started reading the Bible for myself and I remember a friend asking me why. I responded, "Idk, it's just what we're supposed to do." It wasn’t a very helpful response to her curiosity, but I honestly had no idea why myself! I simply felt led to open it up and start reading but I never understood the purpose of scripture.

I’ve of course since learned, and I want to help you in case you get the "What's the point of the Bible?" question or are curious about the answer yourself. 

There are several reasons we can give for why the Bible is important, but let’s get the foundation that comes from scripture. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 provides us with the 4 REASONS THAT SCRIPTURE IS GIVEN:

1. For Doctrine (Showing Us Truth)

God's Word is truth and perfect (Psalm 18:30, Psalm 19:7-10). The devil’s words are all lies (John 8:44). Scripture helps us identify the truth of God versus the lies of the enemy that we may encounter in our everyday lives. 

 2. For Reproof (Exposing Our Rebellion)

Scripture helps convict us and reveal our sins. We can see the lies we've been in agreement with, the ways of living that are actually not like God, and understand how God feels about our rebellious ways. This revelation is not meant to condemn us, but to draw us closer to God and understand why we need salvation through Jesus Christ (Romans 8:1).


3. For Correction

The scriptures offer correction to our ways of living that are not like God. The greek worked used in this passage is epanorthōsis and it means “restoration to an upright or right state; improvement of life or character.” This correction is from a place of love and is not to be confused with condemnation from the enemy. 

Remember, For whom the Lord loves He corrects, just as a father the son in whom he delights (Proverbs 3:12)

4. For Instruction in Righteousness (Training Us To Live God's Way)

The culture of the world attempts to influence how we live our lives, and it is often the exact opposite of the righteousness of God. However, the Bible instructs us on how to turn away from sin and live lives that glorify God. We learn how to apply the scriptures in practical ways to our lives, and for believers, we thankfully have Holy Spirit living in us to help.


Get in The Word

I pray you feel equipped to provide an answer if someone asks you why we have the Bible, and that you are even more excited, encouraged, and curious about God’s Word! If you’re looking to engage more with the Word of God but need resources to aid your journey, check these out:


Love ya lots and happy studying 💕

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